Hi, my name is Celeste and I’m the artist behind Celeste Jones Photography. I’m also a mom, wife, and dog lover. Every now and then I’ll have someone ask me why photography or why do I shoot weddings, and honestly, it’s because I love it. I’ve always loved taking pictures and I don’t mean snapping a photo, because anyone can do that, right? I’ve always enjoyed being an observer and documenting in a way that would allow the viewer to feel like they either know the person in the photo, feel the love, the joy, and the overall emotion captured. So, most would say that I’m more of a lifestyle photographer. While I do shoot posed, camera aware images, I prefer to document things as they happen either with portraits or weddings, because there’s something special about capturing the moment…that’s what I love to do.  Plus, I love people, I do! I love to chat, and I think I’m funny…other people do too!

Fun fact: I used to be really good at hula hooping, but now I can’t keep the thing up.

i'm a traveler, i love photography, and i love life.

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I love capturing real moments, in real time.



We used it before the hipsters did.



Infinite battery life, no loading time, no data fees.



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